About Rodman

The Legend of a Pioneer

Founded in 1974, the Rodman group is the oldest Spanish company in its sector. With over 15,000 boats having been constructed to date, Rodman are the indisputable leader of the Spanish nautical division.

The Rodman group offer products that are diverse and versatile, combining high standards of quality, excellent sea keeping and maximum safety.

What makes Rodman?

• 5 Boatyards between Northern Spain and Portugal; Metalships & Docks in Vigo, Rodman Polyships in Moana, Rodman Lusitania in Valencia do Minho, Conafi in Vila Real de San Antonio and Neuvisa in El Rosal.

• The newest boatyard, Rodman Lusitania, is equipped with state of the art production and design systems that are among the most sophisticated in Europe.

• Largest industrial surface area in its sector with over 240,000 m2 (66,000 m2 under cover).


The 3 Divisions of Rodman

• Metalships & Docks constructing steel ships from 30m - 170m
• Nautical Professional - constructing fibreglass navy patrol vessels, working boats and passenger catamarans up to 30m
• Nautical Recreational - constructing the four different pleasure craft range: Rodman Fisher & Cruiser (incorporating the new 'Evolution' models), Rodman Spirit, Rodman Outboard Series and Rodman Muse.


Rodman - Building To The Highest Quality Standards

From commercial Ships to Luxury pleasure boats, Rodman are certainly qualified to ensure that you are safe in their hands.

As well as conforming to Rodman's internal Rodman Quality System (RQS), all craft are built to Lloyds register, ISO 9001, ISO 14001 and Pecal 2110/AQAP standards. The recently constructed Rodman 90 and Rodman 100 Fast Ferry Passenger Catamarans are built to the International Code of Safety for High Speed Crafts (HSC 2000) allowing the catamaran to transport its passengers without speed limitation.

Rodman Boats - Professional Quality For Pleasure Activites

Although you might be considering a 30-40 foot vessel to enjoy in your leisure time with your friends and family, it's comforting to know that your pleasure craft comes from a factory which are building boats for the toughest of jobs and environments. Rodman's leisure vessels are made at the same facility where they are building fast patrol boats, passenger catamarans and working catamarans. In 2021 Rodman delivered the largest patrol boat to be built of GRP construction in Europe, probably worldwide, at 138 feet. Your boat may not be fitted with machine gun turrets, or anti-piracy water cannons, but there is something reassuring about knowing your boat was designed and built by professionals who are making boats to carry out the toughest jobs on the water.