Tracker Boats

TRACKER boats are purpose-built to serve as steadfast angling vessels. When it comes to angling prowess, there is no other boat that manoeuvres, balances, or navigates with the precision of a TRACKER. These boats are built with hulls that adhere to the strictest aluminium standards in the industry, resulting in a vessel that boasts unrivalled strength and balance. The artisans behind these boats are some of the most qualified professionals in the sector, which is reflected in the exceptional structural integrity of each TRACKER hull.

Beyond durability, these boats are designed with performance in mind. Investing in a TRACKER means acquiring more than just a boat; it means owning an all-inclusive fishing system. Every component, from the boat, engine, and trailer, to the fishfinder, trolling motor, and more, has undergone rigorous testing—both in a lab environment and out on the water—before being approved for inclusion in the world's top-selling bass boat.

Lastly, the outboard engines are meticulously rigged by personnel trained by Mercury®, ensuring that each boat and engine work in perfect harmony. This results in unmatched angling performance and hassle-free maintenance.

TRACKER boats represent innovation, quality, and an unwavering dedication to excellence. This is the TRACKER story that we are proud to bring to the UK.