Sea Angling Classic 2022

The ‘Sea Angling Classic’ is a catch and release sea angling competition held in Portsmouth, on the South Coast of the UK. Running from 15th – 19th June, the 2022 competition was the inaugural event which saw 59 boats competing for the top prize of a new boat OR a £50,000 cash!

At the heart of the competition was consideration for the welfare of fish and the environment. Each competitor was asked to undertake a shoreline clean up as a condition of entry, and the rules for the competition helped ensure that best practises for catch and release were followed so that fish were returned safely to the water after being photographed and measured.

The event organiser, Ross Honey, owns a Rodman 900 ‘Captain Nemo’, and with many keen anglers being Rodman Owners, it made perfect sense that RBS Marine and Rodman should be involved in the competition.

We were delighted when Steve Porter, owner of Rodman 1250 ‘True Blue’ kindly volunteered to be a media boat for the competition. Steve operates True Blue as a charter fishing boat from Poole, but he took a few days out to carry on board for the duration of the competition Andy Ford TV, filming for BT Sport and also was also asked for his own commentary on the competition as it happened.

Then there were another 6 Rodman boats competing in the competition, in the recreational boat category; Rodman 1250 ‘Snowflake’, Rodman 1250’ Sophia Marie’, Rodman 1170 ‘Destiny’, Rodman 810 ‘Island Son’ and Rodman 1100 ‘Wahoo’, and in the charter boat category Rodman 1040 ‘Dotty’. Ben of RBS Marine was delighted to take part in the competition on board ‘Snowflake’ with captain and owner, Darren.

Rodman 1250 ‘Sophia Marie’ finished the best of the Rodman boats with 24th place and Rodman 810 ‘Island Son’ followed close behind in 28th. Congratulations to them!

RBS Marine were present at the launch of the competition in March where the Rodman flag was proudly displayed to the visiting media and public. RBS Marine were also present at the Opening Ceremony, Boat Parade and Prize Giving. Huge efforts had been made by the organisers to involve the City of Portsmouth, and local school children and organisations were present waving flags at the opening ceremony and parade through Portsmouth, through to the prestigious prize giving in front of the Victory at Portsmouth Historic Dockyard.

It was a great event for Rodman Owner’s to get involved with, and the boats are so perfectly suited for the competitive angler. We’re sure the event will grow and grow in the coming years which will be great for sea angling and the City of Portsmouth alike!